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She reached behind her back, unzipping her silky, black dress and let it fall to the carpet, letting me see her see-through bra, a very small pair of bikini panties, and black, sheer silk stockings. She had small, sagging, wrinkled tits with tiny, wrinckled nipples. Her legs were slim but surprisingly well shaped for her age.
“If you choose to date someone that is bisexual, you might have questions for them about their sexual preference,” she says.

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"He loves the sauce barrels," said one anonymous player."He bear hugs them as soon as they come off the truck." Robert even takes it a step further by forcing his much younger girlfriend, Ricki Lander, to spoon feed it to him as he sits on her lap.Lander is auditioning for a role in the film, scheduled to be released next year, and Kraft issued a statement Wednesday saying he was simply helping Lander prepare for her audition.

Either that or you’ve never seen a drunk person, because the Patriots owner looked and sounded very, very drunk.

He began to imitate Jay Z’s mannerisms and refer to himself as ‘Young Hova’.

Kraft would flash the ‘Roc diamond’ to anyone who was watching and even went as far as mistaking his girlfriend for Beyonce.

And my wife was the pinnacle of that,” Kraft told The News in January.

“She was small in stature, but had the heart of a lioness.