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Share Point Foundation never writes changes that are made to a content type back to the content type definition file.Instead, it stores updates that are made to content types as entries in the Share Point Foundation database.All list content types are stored as entries in the Share Point Foundation database because when you add a site content type to a list, Share Point Foundation copies a site content type locally to the list as a list content type.For more information, see Do not, under any circumstances, update the content type definition file for a content type after you install and activate that content type.Rad Editor is a cross-browser rich-text editor for ASP. It allows end users to manage HTML/XHTML content by using a Microsoft Word-like interface for formatting text, setting hyperlinks, building tables, as well as inserting images, flash animations, documents, etc.

I would say, to showcase the power of the product/tool. Why would any one decide to render one Text box as using three input tags!The RTE field in Sitecore is a little bit old fashioned and a little stricter than the most of us would like, especially when you are working with tech savvy editors who may prefer to work directly in the HTML.The current project I am working on is based on the Foundation framework and like most frameworks a lot of the features are enabled using data-* attributes.As you might have known already from my previous post, in one of my projects we use Telerik Controls extensively for showing various GUI controls. Lot of people have asked me, why I hate them, hence for the benefit of the community, I have decided to document the reasons of my hatred for Telerik controls.Telerik has provided a lot of controls that could be used in variety of situations.Believe me, without j Query, Java Script manipulation is going to be tough! Lets look at one more control and I promise we will be done after that.