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Masbate had about 250 tributes and 1000 Christian natives.In 1609, Fray Pedro de Arce, bishop-elect of Nueva Caceres, ceded the spiritual administration of Masbate to the Mitra (secular clergy).Archaeological records show that Batungan (in Mandaon) and Bagumbayan (in Palanas) were major settlement sites during the Bronze Age (4000-1000 BC).The development of bronze metallurgy in South-East Asia coincided with an increasingly hierarchical society, firmly based on agricultural village settlements.By 1600, the Spaniards had developed Mobo as a galleon shipyard and San Jacinto as a strategic port.

The town of Masbate was established in 1791 by Fray Manuel dela Virgendel Tremedal.The administration of Masbate was given back to the Mitra after the Recollects left Masbate in 1794.All in all, over 60 Recollect missionaries were assigned in Masbate for a period of more than 100 years.Of the age of Philippine neoliths it is only possible to say that polished stone adzes from Masbate have been dated from 2710 BC to AD 179.2 Kalanay (in Aroroy) was an island site from 1000 BC-AD 850 (early metal).Masbateño burial jars and a small pottery skull box found in caves dated to the beginning of the Christian era.This baptism is said to be the very first baptism in Luzon.