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A psychologist revealed there is a scientific reason why the boys were so 'naughty'; because children aren't born with the ability to manage desires and impulses, which is something they started to develop at the age of four.
This girl has questionable taste in men – she actually used to date Steve-O.

Name a popular dating show

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The way the show works is that two guys, AKA studs, go out with three different women.

What followed would become an MTV signature: scripted dating shows that favored hot (often shirtless, fit and on Spring Break) 20-somethings look for the someone to screw, not marry.

That was the concept behind —effectively increasing the awkwardness of the blind date tenfold.

An unlucky man and woman were paired to go out whilst their former flames chatted via earpiece, guiding the conversation and live-narrating the interaction. Also known as the story of my life, featured a double date with one extraneous factor: another human.

The fifth wheel didn't serve much purpose outside of being a provocateur, and rarely had an effect on whether love blossomed between the contestants.

Halfway through the double date, the contestants would switch partners.