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Les naufragés vont-ils être jetés à la mer avant même d'avoir été repérés par le navire au loin ? A la Restauration, en 1816, l'Angleterre rend à la France le Sénégal.

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As I wrote previously, certain vocal features also correlate well with low WHR in women and, you guessed it, these vocal features are present in voices that most people rate as attractive.Once again, hormone ratios seem to be the connection.In women, the connection between WHR and health measures appears to be hormonal.It is known that ratios of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin affect all of these features.Attempts to establish this relationship have given murky results.Some studies have found a connection between low WHR and fertility, but others have not.The effect of a "good" hormone balance can be detected in vocal features as well as body shape.

The desirability of a low WHR often cuts across other preferences in body size and shape both among individuals and in cultural predominance.While the average ratio is different in men and women, the correlation to health holds.In women, the best health picture is found in those with so-called "pear-shaped" body proportions.The "right" balance promotes both health and low WHR.One version of the "attractiveness theory" posits that our attraction to this body shape developed as an indicator of overall health.Furthermore, it is not always possible to separate fertility from health.