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He didn't do anything." The documents released this week show that detectives had another lengthy interview with Judith Ridgway on Dec. Again, she seemed to offer little that would implicate her husband in the Northwest's most notorious criminal case.

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And she said her husband told her he pleaded guilty to the charge "because it would've cost a whole lot for the lawyers." Judith Ridgway also knew that detectives investigating the Green River killings had searched the Ridgways' home in April 1987.

Ridgway is continuing to cooperate with King County sheriff's detectives, who are looking for leads in the county's unsolved slayings but have become convinced that the serial killer has given as much information as he's going to give.

"Granted, he has said that he may be responsible for a number of other homicides, but he doesn't remember names.

He doesn't remember faces," said Detective Kathleen Larson, spokeswoman for the Green River Task Force.

"That's been a problem all along." Ridgway could still face more criminal charges -- and the possibility of the death penalty -- outside King County.