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Excel 2016 consolidating worksheets

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Having said that, one of the comments on that post, and something that I’ve actually been thinking about recently, is around how this handles a data set with a huge amount of rows.

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If you have no idea where to paste the code then check out this page.

Change the range in this code line'Fill in the range that you want to copy Set Copy Rng = sh. I use A: A to copy the whole column but you can also use a range like A1: A10. Change it here 'Fill in the column(s) that you want to copy Copy Rng.

Range("A1: G1") If you want to exclude more sheets then the Dest Sh.

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The examples will add a worksheet with the name RDBMerge Sheet to your workbook and will copy cellsfrom every worksheet in the Active Workbook to this worksheet.